Personalised gifts

Draw my dog


A unique picture to capture the loving traits of your dog

We draw your dog to your bespoke specifications. Providing you with either custom artwork or your artwork on a canvas making it ideal for gifts. Once you have your artwork the options are endless; re-printing is so easy these days - use your artwork to make next year's Christmas card, gifts for your family: t-towels, t-shirts, tote bags even your own bespoke wall paper. 

Get started


Capture what it is about your dog that makes you love them so much

1. Use our contact form to get in touch about your commission

2. Tell us your dog's name and how you would like them drawing

3. Let us know the format you wish to receive your artwork. We can provide you with your custom artwork or a canvas if you want to give someone a gift.

4.  We'll be in touch via email after that where you can upload pictures, tell us more about their favourite toy, place to play, place to sleep, so that we can truly get to know their character.

5. We then arrange payment. You can either pay through draw my dog shop by selecting the artwork/canvas or we can arrange a bank transfer whatever you prefer.

6. Once you have your artwork - the ideas of what you can make next are endless. Click here for some of our suggestions.



On plates,
tea towels, t-shirts, dog collars



"Captured little Pickles perfectly"

— Philip Chapman — 


Dog deliveries

We deliver your artwork in a high resolution jpeg format via email.

If you decide to purchase a canvas through us this will be delivered to your door.

All other deliveries can be dealt through these suppliers